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This is a perfect way of earning extra money for students who want to earn some little pocket money, for full time workers, for retirees and for stay-home moms or dads. This is not the kind of income that makes you rich or a millionaire overnight, but it will make you real extra money.

The easiest way to make money online is to click and get paid just for the click you have made. However, you have to be very careful in choosing the right one as most of the sites are scammers. Most of the PTC sites come and go after few months. They don't usually survive for long. They pay you for the first or second time, but after that they never pay you again.

There are few honest PTC sites that really pay their members without any lame excuses. These are the two sites that always pay me:

Neobux is the number 1 PTC site in the world. I, personally, love this site because it is where I make money monthly from home. I do not make millions or thousands yet, but I make $450 every single month and this amount means a lot to me.

Neobux has never disappointed anyone. It is an honest PTC site that pays its members instantly. If anyone wants to earn real money without any fear of being cheated, he/she must sign up for Neobux.

Another PTC site that never fails to pay me is TrekPay. This is another PTC site, which never disappoints its members. It takes exactly two weeks from the date you requested to pay you. The more referrals you have the faster and the more you earn.

DonkeyMails is also a great PTC site that pays its members without fail. I have been here for around 3 years now, and I have been paid for many times. They take 3 to 7 days to pay you. There are two ways of earning: Paid2Click, where you are paid in cash. Another one is Point2Click, where you are paid in points. You cannot convert the points into cash, however, you can use the points for advertising your site. I love this site because I use my points for promoting my other PTC sites and I always get many referrals. No Minimum Payout


PTC site that everyone should avoid is Gagabux. I have been here for many months now. Nevertheless, it never pays me. I have waited for many months for my payment but I haven’t received it till today.So, please, do not sign up for this site. IT IS A BIG SCAM.